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To put it in an exceedingly easy means, technology management is regarding obtaining individuals and technologies operating along to try to to what individuals expect, that may be a assortment of systematic ways for managing the method of applying data to increase the human activities and manufacture outlined product. Technology management or management of technology (MOT) will be viewed from many various views. Since the word technology itself is subject to varied interpretations. However, the author of this editorial approaches the topics from completely different experiences that are related to different environments and backgrounds.

It is hoped that this editorial can gift the numerous sides of technology management. the 2 words of management and technology not solely carry the burden of the many completely different meanings, however additionally gift extra sophistication due the social science diversity. To many, MOT suggests that managing engineering and technology.

So, management by technology is additional necessary than choosing the technology and its main objective is to work out the worth of the new technology and the way to manage the technology for project success.

In addition to developing technology management attainment in areas like coming up with of latest businesses, strategy formulation, organization style, and belongings and standardization management, versatile talents like thinking and communication skills are polished.

How to integrate technology into the general strategic objectives of organization

  • How to get into and out of technologies quicker and additional expeditiously
  • How to assess/evaluate technology additional expeditiously
  • How best to accomplish technology transfer?
  • How to scale back new development time and prices
  • How to manage giant, advanced and knowledge domain or inter-organizational projects/system
  • How to manage the organization’s internal use of technology
  • How to leverage to effectiveness of technical professionals.

Leadership and motivation of staff are widely known as success factors. There are important additions to theories and apply concerning improvement within the management of individuals.

Therefore, strategically, the remaining battle-field being competitive depends on correct management of technology. to place it otherwise, the strategic issue is however a corporation may develop, acquire, share and manage technology suitably and effectively.

As corporations grow, they’re needed to store giant amounts of knowledge and inventory. With technology, this method will be automatic, boosting productivity and cutting prices. Technology management additionally permits corporations to bury info with layers upon layers of cryptography, securing the integrity of their business.

The management of technology involves the design, implementation, evaluation, and management of the organization’s resources and capabilities so as to make price and competitive advantage. Management of innovation includes each modification management and managing structure processes that encourage innovation.

Technology brings processes, and tools along, info exchange to market development for the betterment of humans. It helps individuals to resolve their issues, scale back excess time, save lives, and facilitate to act and exchange info.

It will give management, knowledge, awareness, access, and community. As we have a tendency to develop the technology of the long run, we are able to work towards making a much better world future. this implies many various things as technology merges with all elements of our lives.

Technology will build any family or business feel safer. There are several security devices and computer code accessible to secure your money knowledge,

protect your home after you square measure away and far additional. Technology is vital as a result of it causes you to feel safer with each space in life for each personal and business reasons.

“Technology” is outlined by the Cambridge lexicon as “the study and information of the sensible, particularly industrial, use of scientific discoveries.” during this broad definition, technology encompasses everything from the utilization of primitive tools for searching in ancient history to the last smartphones we’ve today; technology is as previous as civilization itself. In today’s context, technology typically refers to advancements in energy, producing, and communication.

Advantages of Technology management.

1. the advance of productivity

Technology has competed a key role in driving productivity for businesses during a means that might are inconceivable simply some decades past.

Machines and robots are able to abate the value of production and drive-up output. whether or not it’s canned foods or covering or article of furniture, corporations with economies of scale will turn out massive quantities of their merchandise during a means that may meet market demand.

2-Saves time in processes and tasks

Both blue-collar jobs and skilled jobs became additional economical because of advancements in technology.

For blue-collar jobs, automation has efficient several processes that historically need larger human input — reducing error and saving time.

Technology has functioned as AN aid to human potency, very like a man-made arm; it’s enabled tasks to be completed during a shorter quantity of your time with larger results.

3-Cheaper producing of merchandise

In the past, the producing business concerned people having to labor to supply every item, one at a time.

For example, within the covering business, ever hand-sewn — that means that somebody would want to pay hours (or days) manufacturing a chunk of clothing before it can be sold-out within the market. This meant the value of producing per item was abundant higher as a result of it needed personal labor.

Technology has modified all that. Now, a chunk of covering is created among minutes by an automatic line. As a result, the value per item has been driven down considerably.

4-Helps in health

Technology and fashionable medication became inseparable; fashionable medication merely cannot exist while not technology.

Technology is employed to manufacture medicine safely and during a massive enough amount to satisfy the health desires of the worldwide population.

5-Remote Education

In all past centuries, obtaining AN education needed the learner to travel to a physical location (for example, a university), learn from an educator in-person, and browse physical books.

This typically meant that the less lucky, or just people who lived in poorly connected cities, couldn’t receive a correct education.

Technology has modified all that. the appearance of the net itself has created information present – anyone will currently log onto Wikipedia and realize some data concerning one thing.

Anyone can buy AN eBook, even though the physical version of the book is untouchable at their current location.

Moreover, tertiary education centers have additionally spread out to supply on-line courses and permit for remote learning. this suggests that it’s currently attainable for somebody to induce a degree while not ever meeting his or her faculty member personally. This has created education additional accessible than ever.

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