What is Career planning? Its importance to discover goals

Career planning is a process to discover your interests and goals. Career planning is becoming more important now a days due to unemployment. So, Career planner and advisors are providing the different platforms to promote chances for job seekers. Here are some tips for career planning.

Career planning 

The following problems are note able before career planning..

1. Man has always hankered after a golden age. .
2. In spite of his best efforts he has drifted away from his cherished goal.
3.Today his very survival is at stake. For choosing careers and jobs.
4. Also, man is faced by number of economic ills.
5.  So, Moral and spiritual decay does not bid well for the future careers and jobs of man.
6.  The idea that fair is foul and the foul is fair is leading man on dangerous course. So, you detract from careers and job seeking effort.
7. Ecological imbalance, International uncertainty, are the forces to influence the future of man.
An age when peace shall reign on earth and the contentment dwell in the soul. An age when the youth cease and culminate in a blossoming of prosperity, the learning and art.
Standing on the threshold of the twenty-first century when survey our world, we are shocked to see what man have made of man. We are terrified for self-expression and communal living but the very survival of the species.
Hence, billions of men all over the world are today locked in a battle for survival. One estimate-shows that some forty thousand people die every day from starvation- alone.

Shanty Towns

No city in the world is without its slums and shanty towns. The future shows no promise of improving because the emphasis is not on the production of food stuff but on a raw material. Also, adding fuel to the fire is the galloping the rate of population growth.
So, the increase in the life expectancy brought about. The most to suffer in this respect will be the already crowded countries of the Third World.

According to United Nations forecast the population of thousands will be around 7,030 million in the year 2000. So, an increase of 2006 million within the next eighteen years. This will shrink the space, and energy, food, and water resources.

What a future can the world holds for the man? In a fact, the present rate of population growth is the greatest single obstacle to the social and economic advancement. It is in a fact, global rather than a regional problem.
Also, the other factor which has darkened the prospects of a man is the belief in the technology.

The today, be finds himself out of tune with a technological society. Also, A machine culture which is, erasing his identity. Also, it is depriving him of the best that is in him. The crushing force of this evil is most clearly and dramatically in his work’ situation.

No matter what the advantages, it takes a heavy toll of the human personality. What becomes of a man if the process of the production, “takes away from work. Also, It is an insult to human nature and inevitably produces boredom, mental laziness and escapism.

Rules of modern industries

The moral and cultural scene is no brighter and fills us with despair. The rulers of modern industrial-the curia-technocratic societies- are quite clear about their moral aims. So, moral considerations are not important. On the contrary they are a hurdle on the way of industrial progress.

Man’s insatiable greed, his moral decline, and his belief in a machine are the issues. The culture has given the rise to yet another problem of grave magnitude. Man has suddenly realized that he is burning the candle at both ends and depleting the resources of the earth.

If he continues at his present rate, the forest wealth and fossil fuel may come to an end sooner. He is polluting the world with pesticides and herbicides. Also, with wastes and smoke and spreading toxic substances by the wind and water.

Man’s lust for the power and the profit is now compounding with an uncontrolled increase in the human population. At this rate how long will the treasures of the earth last? So, the answer does not bode well for the future of the man. International relations, too, provide no source, not’ the consolation.

There are some areas of an inter-state conflict. So, there a flare up can flares into World War. The Arab-Israeli tensions, and Iran-Iraq War have writhed them seeds. So, this can lead to a direct confrontation between Moscow and Washington. Every nation desires peace but is preparing feverishly for a war.

Their fantastic military expenditures are enough to convince one of the directions in which the states of the world are moving. Also, the military technology has taken on the shape of a doomsday machine.

The nuclear warheads, the intercontinental ballistic missiles (an ICBM) and the multiple independently-targeted re-entry vehicles. So, the man wipe himself off the face of the earth.


When we are fair-in our dealings, true to our word, truthful in our expression we are honest. If the pillars on which the structure of human societies must astir for without its mutual trust is impossible.
When we think rightly, follow moral commands, obey the voice of the conscience, arrive at a correct enteritis and reflect.
We are honest in our thought. If a modern civilization finds itself on the brink of a precipice, the causes are net far to seek. We refuse to reveal or acknowledge our true intentions.

Career planning tools Some are independent while others require the assistance and help of a counselor and a guide, some are free of a fare or money while others cost some money. Use this career planning tools to help and assist you to find the best career in a life for you:.

1. SWOT analysis
2. Testing of Career.
3. Self-assessment and evaluation.
4. Research
5. Resources from community.
6. Personality tests (judgement of self-personality)
7. Process of Career planning.

1. SWOT analysis in job-market

SWOT stands for strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats. For an individual and personality, A SWOT analysis helps you learn about yourself and your ability so, you can identify a job that suits and fits your skill.

Additionally, a SWOT analysis will identify external factors that may impact your career finding and choice.  Here are some of the questions you might ask or required to ask yourself to identify your strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats:
Strengths: What skills do I have? What am I interested and desired in? What sort of environment of work place do I thrive in?
Weaknesses: What subjects do I do poorly in? What do I not enjoy?
Opportunity: In what environment do I work the hardest? How am I best motivated and inspired?
Threats: Do I bring any risks to an organization or department.? Why might a company or organization not want to hire.

2. Testing of Career.

Many private companies provide career tests to determine what job is best for you according to your personality and qualifications. Often, guidance counselors will start career tests with high school students to help them decide on career paths.
3. Self-assessment and evaluation.
Are you outside? What time is it?  Shadowing; Ask friends or family if you can support them at work for a day. Also, reflect on what you liked or did not like about their workplace and job to help you determine what job is the best fit for you.
4- Research
Read about different careers and see which is appealing you. More over, there are many ways to research career and job placements. It also, allows you to explore many career paths quickly to ascertain what interests you and give you a path to establishing that career.

5. Resources from community.

Libraries offer books, Libraries and community centers may also provide community workshops on career planning.

6. Personality tests (judgement of self-personality)

Personality tests are assessments that identify aspects of your personality. They also, explain how those aspects make you a positive or negative job seeker for certain jobs.

7. Process of Career planning.

If you want to determine what career you should have and the steps for this career. Although, this is a step-by-step plan formulated to determine your interests, skills, and ideal career and job. The career planning process will help you determine what educational qualification and experience you need to find a job in your chosen career field

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