Child labor: Its bad effects on the life of the children
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Child labor is defined as work done by children that affects or exploits them in some way, whether physically, intellectually, morally, or by preventing them from obtaining an education. While there has been progress in the fight against child labour around the world, there is still a long way to go.

This term is defined as work that deprives children of their childhood, their potential and their dignity. Also, it is harmful to physical and mental development. It refers to work that:

• is mentally, physically, socially and morally dangerous and harmful to children.
• Affect their schooling by: depriving them of the opportunity to attend school.

What is child labor?
Get Information about the Issues that Children face Worldwide. Also, Read more about Child Labor. The all work done by children should not be classified as child labor. Children’s ‘participation in work that does not affect their health and personal development generally regards as being something positive. The activities such as helping their parents around the home, give assistance in a family business or earning pocket money outside school hours. These activities add to children’s development and to the welfare of their families. They provide them with skills and experience, and help to prepare them to be a smart member of society during their adult life.

The worst forms of child labor are:

1- involves children being enslaved
2-separated from their families
3- exposed to serious hazards and illness
4-Left to fend for themselves on the streets of the cities often at a very early age.

The child labor varies in various countries, as well as among the different sectors within countries.

Effects of child labor

The difficulty of given tasks and harsh working create a number of the problems such as:
1- premature ageing
2- malnutrition
3- depression
4- Drug dependency etc.

5- Affected by Heat heatstroke

From disadvantaged backgrounds, from the families, these children have no protection. The employers of different areas do whatever necessary to make them completely invisible to exercise an absolute control over them. These children work in the degrading conditions, undermining all the principles and the fundamental rights.


Additionally, a child who does child labor will not be able to have a normal education. So, She/he will become an illiterate adult, having no possibility to grow in his or her professional and social life.
In certain cases, child labor also brings dangers a child’s dignity and morals, especially when sexual exploitation is involved, such as prostitution and child pornography.
More over, a child who works will be more malnutrition. These children are often victims of the physical, the mental, and sexual health. They should be motivated to acquire education.

Industrial work

There are so many ways that child labor can affect the children, and these can vary depending on which industry the child is working in. The child laborer can suffer from long-term health problems due to the malnutrition, exposure to the chemicals, abuse, the injuries, exhaustion, and the psychological harm.

Five industries

1 – In agriculture, children expose to toxic pesticides or fertilizers. They do work with dangerous and harmful blades and other tools, and also carry heavy loads.
2-In mining, children may use poisonous chemicals, face the very dangerous risk of mine collapse, and sometimes work with explosives.
3– In construction, children may carry heavy loads and weight, work at very heights without safety equipment and tools and risk injury from dangerous machinery.
4- In manufacturing companies children may use toxic solvents for solutions, do repetitive tasks and works in painful positions, and risk injury from sharp tools.
5-In domestic work, children risk abuse, work long long hours, and often live-in isolation from their families and friends.

Why we tend to stop kid labor?

Child labor must be stopped so each kid might have a chance to travel to high school. Also, to play and to own the simplest future doable. If youngster’s area unit operating, they can’t attend faculty. this implies that these youngsters can grow old with none education and not having the ability to browse or write. this implies they lack necessary life skills.

The majority {youngsters of kids} interact in child labor area unit from deprived backgrounds or due to hungry.

They may be:

1-From minority teams

2-Even kid napped from their families.

They have no protection in any respect. additionally, their job givers or employers do no matter it’s necessary to form them utterly invisible. so no one is aware of or cares regarding them. this fashion they will have associate degree absolute management over these youngsters. it’s conjointly associate degree obstacle to be a baby, to be ready to play and do no matter you wish. 

What are you able to do against it?

Educate oldsters

Parents don’t invariably understand what massive negative aspects it’s after they enable or maybe force youngsters to figure. They solely scrutinize the short advantages and let the kid work as a result of they have the cash for food, garments or housing. you’ll be able to educate them that within the long run it’s higher that the kid get education. So, they will get a much better job. conjointly tell them that the kid has the correct to not be forced to work! decision a gathering to prepare a dialogue evening in your community during which you’ll be able to share info. Also, let oldsters and kids ask one another regarding this drawback.


Is there a baby in your category suddenly not coming back to high school anymore? Or will an acquaintance tell you that he or she desires some work to earn money?

Often their area unit the folks you’ll be able to report this to:

•           A native organization,

•           Social staff, lecturers etc.

Research World Health Organization will assist you and report the case to them so that they might take action.

By Sajid Saleem

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