female education
Female education go much beyond the possibility of finding
employment and making a living income. female who have an education are more
equipped to influence their community. Female education will have
higher levels of self-worth, confidence, and awareness of their rights. Girls
who have an education will have higher levels of self-worth, confidence, and
awareness of their rights. We address the benefits and drawbacks of female education in this post.

Wherever in the world, girls and boys alike should have access to education. Because it
is such a significant issue, many people are beginning to advocate for gender
equality. Women in nations where education is not permitted frequently marry
young and have young children, which is a major setback for the nation.

Women with higher levels of education typically have fewer children, marry later in
life, and, if they do have children, their offspring are usually healthier.
They also tend to be more knowledgeable about diet and healthcare. They are
more likely to have jobs and earn more money in the formal sector.

Advantages of Female Education

The world has employed education as a tool for social control and the repression of
women. Although feminist writing has given this concept a lot of attention,
traditionally men have been perceived as benefiting more from education. There
are several benefits to female education, some of which are immediately
apparent and others which are less so.

1. Economic Development

The majority of a nation’s population can significantly raise their standard of
living by investing in education. It equips individuals with the information
and abilities necessary to obtain a living salary, enabling them to both save
money and live well. The economy will do better the more educated the
population is.

We believe that education is the key to getting more women into the formal economy,
Michelle Obama said in her speech at the World Bank. Education for women,
according to Michelle Obama, has increased output and productivity.

Half of what it takes to operate a nation is done by women. As more women are
employed or actively seeking employment, the process of economic growth is
boosted. This implies that when more women contribute to a sustainable future,
there is less disparity between men and women in society.

Girls can be valuable even if they stay at home and contribute to the expansion of
the economy by investing in their education. In that women are more likely to
find employment as a result, this has an impact on the job market as well.

In a study of less developed nations, it was shown that educating females promotes
economic growth as well as other good effects including improved access to
necessities of life, reduced death rates, higher life expectancies, and lower
rates of crude births.

2. Female education Increased the Knowledge of the World

A person can learn about the world around them and their place in it with the aid
of education. It teaches individuals about their politics, culture, history,
etc. It aids in dispelling gender-based stereotypes that people may hold about
one another. It demonstrates to people the equality and similarity of men and

As a result, education fosters tolerance and acceptance of people from diverse
origins. Girls and women can learn how to advocate for themselves through
education. They can acquire the skills necessary to stand up for and fight for
their rights.

3. Female education Greater the Knowledge of Their Rights

People can comprehend their legal rights and how they interact with the law thanks to
education. People can make better judgements for themselves when they are aware
of both their rights and their obligations. Also, it enables individuals to
participate in politics and make informed choices that have an impact on their neighborhood.

Education is crucial because it enables people to understand their legal rights. They are
able to comprehend the laws that are in place and how they may impact the neighborhood.
Women who are aware of their rights are better able to make decisions that will
benefit not just themselves but also their families or communities.

“We want an education that creates character, strengthens the mind, makes people
smarter, and lets them stand on their own two feet,” said Swami Vivekananda.

There is no better method to inform women of their own rights than to educate them.
Only if you are aware of your rights can you assert them. Women did not always
receive the respect they deserved in many different places of the world.

Women were considered to be their husband’s property in England up to the year 1100,
and they were not allowed to own property until they were widowed. They became
aware, thanks to education, that they might possess their properties alone.

4. Female education Developing the Self-Awareness

Women can learn about themselves just as they can learn about their rights and
obligations. Girls explore their surroundings to come to terms with who they
are. They discover their true selves, their objectives, their strengths and
flaws, etc.

Numerous uneducated females lack a fundamental understanding of who they are. They lack
clarity on their goals in life, which has a detrimental effect on both the
course of their lives and the community.

5. Mother’s welfare

Women can improve as mothers by getting more education. They can better provide for
their children’s survival needs. They can impart life lessons and the value of
respect to their children more effectively.

Women with higher levels of education typically have happier relationships and
families. Also, their kids often regard them with more respect. Also, they
generally live healthier and longer lives, which benefits their families as

Education of mothers benefits not only them but also upcoming generations. Young marriage
and dropping out of school have a significant impact on the health of women.

A woman who marries young can easily experience despair due to the burdens she
must shoulder. Although children experience the same sensations during puberty,
this depression has long-lasting implications. The chain can be immediately
broken with education.

It will provide additional details about a mother’s health and reduce the
likelihood of issues. The advantages will last for many years because a healthy
child is a sign of an educated mother. In addition to the advantages for their
health, kids of educated Mothers also perform somewhat better in school. Thus,
it is more crucial than ever for girls to attend school.

6. Improvement of the House

We both originate from and reside in our homes. It gives us a space to take care
of our loved ones, friends, and one another. It provides us with food, shelter,
and safety. It brings happiness and comfort. Care for those we love is
something we should do.

It may be challenging to operate within it if any one component isn’t performing
well. Women need to be able to park their automobiles and walk through the neighborhoods
where they live. People must be able to congregate and unwind in the

Women feel constrained or stuck if they aren’t allowed to engage in these activities.
They may experience tension and depression when they feel constrained. Other
issues, such domestic violence, may arise as a result of this.

Both men and women contribute to the management of a home. A healthy society’s
foundation of the family will suffer if one of the partners isn’t given enough

Women have more authority to make decisions at home when they have more opportunities
to attend education. Two other advantages are community involvement and asset

When we term “education,” we shouldn’t merely mean that a woman should
attend school or obtain a fundamental education. She should be allowed to
successfully complete as many levels as possible, we should also imply. We’ve
seen how beneficial it is for a woman to be knowledgeable. Things at home will
only get better as a result of this.

7. Female education Developing leaders

When women can go to school, they learn more about politics and have more confidence
in their abilities to lead. They become better leaders as a result, and they
also engage in politics more frequently. According to studies, educated women
are far less likely to endorse extremism and militarism than educated males. As
a result, everyone may live in a safer and more compassionate society.

People benefit from education because it makes them more resilient, intelligent, and
capable of taking care of themselves. Women who have completed their education
are capable of handling any situation. They have the potential to be community
and family-focused leaders. The time has come to respect and esteem women.

We educate a woman’s family as a whole when we do so. For girls, education has
several advantages, including the capacity to organize a career or handle
finances. What we need right now is this. Women can make their own decisions if
they receive the proper knowledge.

The majority of people in our workforce and business world are men. Because their
employers don’t care about them, some employees struggle with psychological
issues. One thing that aids in understanding how the other person feels is

Work is completed more effectively when a leader can put themselves in the position
of people they are leading. Women in leadership positions who are less common
tend to be more assertive. Even so, not many women hold positions of authority.

Women have a better chance of becoming leaders in various industries in the future if
they can attend college. By assisting in reducing the gender gap and enhancing organizational
health, this will have an impact on the workplace.

8. Promote Compassionate Principles

Girls’ and young women’s education benefits our society. Many people are impacted by
education, yet those with the most education are not the ones who are most
impacted. By taking lessons from them, they are the ones who can alter their
Women who are educated can encourage other women to pursue education. She can
demonstrate to other women that they can return to school if she can attend

A woman’s education is like opening a door for her. The world is concealed behind
that door. It gives her the chance to have an unbiased perspective on the
world. She will comprehend why she doesn’t have a position at work. At the same
time, it provides her with insight into how she might enhance both herself and
her circumstance.

9. Education Boosts Earning Potential

A woman can make more money if she has more education. By knowing more about
herself and the world around her, she will be better able to care for herself.
The amount of money a woman makes is influenced by a variety of factors. A
woman with greater education has a higher chance of finding employment and
making more money. This may have a significant impact on the family’s income,
which may then be used to reinvest in the unit.

10. Educated women OR female education are more knowledgeable about difficulties relating to pregnancy

Education also increases a woman’s knowledge of difficulties associated to pregnancy. The
process of becoming pregnant is not entirely unknown. The majority of women are
already aware of what occurs during that time in their life. A woman will be
able to give birth more safely if she has more education than if she does not.

Women who attend school are more knowledgeable about pregnancy and how it may impact
their own and their families’ health. This understanding consequently reduces
the incidence of unplanned pregnancies and infant fatalities and may also
result in more skilled female healthcare professionals who can assist more
during labor and other pregnancy-related procedures.

11. Intelligent Female is aware of other forms of prejudice

A woman with education is already aware of the numerous other discriminatory
issues that exist. She can use this to support her overall battle against
prejudice. Women are better prepared for the world and all its difficulties
with this kind of schooling.

It will be simpler for a woman to deal with gender discrimination and other forms
of discrimination if she is informed about them. More education will also help
women comprehend the value of participating in politics, which is another

12. Women who have received education are less likely to become victims of child

There are millions of youngsters who worldwide are victims of the scourge of child
trafficking. An educated lady will be aware of the significance of reporting
child abuse and other crimes against children. This lessens the likelihood of
child trafficking. Knowing about child trafficking, a mother will battle to
defend the kids and put an end to predators in their homes. Several kids’ lives
could be saved because to this.

13. Building Female Competencies for Success in Life and the Workplace

Women’s education is crucial for society’s survival and development. They have a
crucial role in maintaining both the internal and external balance of nations,
in addition to having a significant potential to contribute to the growth of
such nations. Education makes it simpler for women to take care of themselves
and be independent.

The economy will benefit when more people have jobs because their economies will
grow. Women who have completed their education typically participate in the
workforce more. They are employed. They have an easier time finding employment
and a good job.

Women who are educated are better able to enter the workforce and make contributions
to society. Working enables them to provide for their families as well as
themselves. Women can advance in their professions and land better positions
when they have the necessary skills.

14. Women with higher levels of education are more likely to be elected to public

A woman who attends college and receives a quality education is more likely to be
chosen for office. Education enables women to comprehend the issues facing
their community and how to be effective citizens. She gains the abilities she
needs to run a successful institution as well. A well-educated lady is better
equipped to battle off those who wish to challenge her opinions. When she knows
how to present her thoughts, they have more value.

15. Women with more education have more sway

A girl’s ability to influence others is better if she has attended school. This
is accurate now that she is a university student. In both official and informal
settings, she can talk with greater authority and respect.

A female who has received education is able to come up with a solution. She has
the capacity to comprehend what education entails. She will be ready for any
circumstance that she may run into.

16. Women who are educated are more likely to withstand harassment and abuse

A woman who has not had formal education may find it difficult to comprehend what
sexual harassment and assault entail. Education can alter this. An intelligent
woman can recognize when anything is off. She is able to spot harassment when
she encounters it. She will be allowed to confront her harasser and ask the
police or other authorities for assistance. This aids in putting a halt to
sexual assault and harassment before it’s too late.

17. Healthy women are educated women

Education for women has the potential to improve their health. Women take care of
themselves when they are aware that they need to. She is therefore consuming
the appropriate amounts of wholesome food, exercise, and rest.

If a woman is educated, she will understand how crucial excellent health is to her
family. She can then better care for herself and her family as a result.
According to several studies, women with higher levels of education experience
fewer pregnancies and deliver better offspring.

18. Decreased Early Marriage and Childbirth Rates

Girls are more likely than males to stay in school longer for a variety of reasons.
Their time with friends, studying, and practicing social skills is frequently
extended as a result. If a woman has attended school, she is less likely to get
married young or have children in developing nations.

Females in underdeveloped countries who have an education often marry four years later,
give birth to two children rather than six, and have a fivefold lower risk of
dying during childbirth. Early marriage is defined as a union that occurs
before the age of 18. There is no choice made by either spouse in this arranged
union. According to the International Declaration of Human Rights, marriage
should only take place with the full and free agreement of the parties

This type of agreement can only be reached if both parties are at least 18 years old
and able to give “full and free” consent. Young individuals being
married at an early age is an issue in the majority of low-income countries,
particularly in their rural communities. This may result in early delivery,
endangering the health of both the mother and the unborn child.

Among young ladies who were married or not, depression and dropping out of school
were compared. Younger brides and grooms tend to be less educated and more
susceptible to depression. Hence, education can reduce these social and
psychological hazards.

19. Environmental Factors

There may be a decrease in the spread of infectious diseases as a result of the
environmental effects of girls attending school. According to research,
school-going girls often have fewer STD infections. This is because schools
offer greater privacy and better access to healthcare than the home.

We are aware that the growing population is endangering our environment, and it is
obvious that this is especially true in emerging nations. Women also receive
less schooling in developing nations than they do in industrialized nations.

This indicates that when there are fewer educated girls, a nation is more likely to
produce more children. Children of mothers who are unwell don’t develop as
well, and as they grow, they individually consume more resources. Girls who are
educated and aware of how their actions impact the entire globe and the future
can make all of this easier.

Disadvantages of Female Education

I shall discuss the disadvantages of female education in this piece. I’ll also talk
about what occurs when women don’t have access to education. I’ll mention any
potential fixes for this problem before concluding.

1. Female education advances the notion that women and men are similar

The first issue with female education is this. Women who have received an education
tend to think they are capable of doing anything a guy can. And to make matters
worse, a lot of males concur with them. Males will pressure women to do things
against their nature.

For instance, women are not permitted to work jobs that include heavy lifting or
demanding physical labor. Women who try to force themselves into these
positions are typically unpleasant and leave the position ultimately.

Many women think they can accomplish everything that their husbands can. This is
unfortunate because so many men are unable to secure the financial future of
their spouses. Many men struggle to give their wives the financial security
they need.

2. Few males want to get married as a result of female education

Many women think they are capable of performing any profession that a guy can.
Because of this, many men are persuaded that if they can’t give a lady
financial security, she won’t be content with them. Many men struggle to give
their wives the financial security they need. These males do not marry as a

3. Female education leads them to believe they need a job in order to feel

Women who have received formal education often feel that they need a job to be
fulfilled. They believe they are worthless if they don’t have a job. If a woman
does not have a career, many of them feel unfulfilled. Of course, this implies
that wives will eventually elope.

4. Women who have greater education are more likely to divorce

A woman is more likely to divorce the more educated she is. A lot of women
struggle to find husbands. These women are more inclined to use divorce as a
tool to achieve their goals. Many educated women believed they could get a
divorce and do anything in life. They believe they live alone.

5. The number of households where both parents work full-time rises as a result of
female education

Women who are educated typically hold jobs as well. Women will push their spouses to
work longer hours in addition to working themselves to exhaustion. This is
terrible because it’s unhealthy to work more than forty hours a week. There is
a lot of pressure on men to support their wives financially. Stress brought on
by this strain can result in divorce.

6. Female education has led many to believe they are not required to get married
and start a family.

Instead of pushing women to pursue higher education, we should encourage them to get
married. Women should have children and raise them appropriately. They can
accomplish this by raising their kids at home. Thus, we should dissuade women
from enrolling in workforce education programs.

7. Female education harms children because it prevents mothers from raising their

When women become moms, raising and taking care of their young children comes first.
Thus, it is crucial that moms nurture their children at home. Women who are
educated typically hold jobs as well. This implies that they won’t be at home
to look after their kids.


In this article, I hope to explain the benefits and drawbacks of female education, effects
of female education on society, the economy, and health.

By Sajid Saleem

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