What is the Future of mankind?
Future of mankindFuture of mankind
  1. Man always in Future of mankind dreamed of a golden age. Despite his best efforts, he strayed from his cherished goal. Today the Future of mankind and his own survival is at stake. His mistakes are greater than his successes.
  2. Man faces a series of economic ills: poverty, the equator, malnutrition. food shortages persist. Overcrowding has only intensified these problems.
  3. Technology as a tool is the cause of many ills. Machine culture has crushed the personality of man and made him alienated, mentally lazy and elusive.
  4. Moral and spiritual decay does not bode well for the future of man. To do so is right, it is leading man down a dangerous path.
  5. Ecological imbalance, international uncertainty and the rise of military technology will wipe out the human race. All these forces indicate that the future of man is bleak.

From time immemorial man has longed for the golden age of A goal, when peace will reign on earth and contentment will dwell in the soul; What will be the Future of mankind? an era in which conflicts will cease and culminate in a flourishing of prosperity, culture and art.

On the threshold of the 21st century, when we examine our world, we are shocked to see what man has done with man. We terrify. of the forces which threaten not only the ability of man to express himself and to live in common, but the very survival of the species.

Millions of men around the world are now engaged in a battle for their survival. Faced with poverty, misery and even hunger, they do their best to keep body and soul together. An estimate suggests that round 40 thousand humans die of starvation each day. Sun glasses. it robs them of the feel of modesty and the preference to improve the Future of mankind.

Despite major advances in agriculture, food shortages persist. there is lieutenant. The future is not bright because the focus is not on food production but on the raw material that is supplied to industrial units. The rapid pace of population growth is adding fuel to the fire Is the galloping population growth rate.

The increase in life expectancy induced by medical research has only worsened the problem of overpopulation. Already overpopulated Third World countries will suffer the most in this regard. predicts that the world population will be around 7,000 million inhabitants in the year 2000, an increase of 2,000 million over the next eighteen years.

With the reduction of resources

in space, energy, food and in water, what future can the world reserve for man? Experts, the current rate of population growth is the biggest obstacle to social and economic progress in underdeveloped countries – a global rather than a regional problem –

Another factor that has clouded the outlook. ailments. Today he finds himself out of step with a technological society, a machine culture which erases its identity and deprives it of the best. the hat is in him. The overwhelming force of this evil is seen most clearly and dramatically in the situation of his work.

Whatever the benefits, it weighs heavily on the human personality. What about man if the production process “removes all traces of humanity from work to make it a purely mechanical activity”? It is an insult to human nature and inevitably produces boredom, mental laziness and avoidance. The moral and cultural scene is no longer brilliant and we despair.

The leaders of modern industrial and technocratic societies are clear about their moral goals. to the right; for the phallus is useful and the just is not. Greed, usury and precaution must be our gods for a time yet. These words were written fifty years ago by none other than Lord Keynes and the message is pretty clear. Moral considerations are not important, they are even an obstacle to industrial progress.

In the West, this moral vacuum has led to LSD, drugs, abandonment of hippies, and sudden spikes in violence. It created a climate of insecurity, Anxiety and neurosis. In the East, chronic problems that challenge solutions and intense social conflicts have created a climate of despair which, in the long run, destroys human initiative and the desire to improve. Another serious problem has been man’s insatiable greed, his moral decline, and his belief in machine culture.

Man, suddenly realized that he was burning the candle at both ends and that he was short of earthly resources; that in his battle with nature he may very well be the oppressed. If it continues at its current rate. Forest wealth and fossil fuels could run out sooner than expected.

I grime the globe with pesticides associated herbicides. He doesn’t see that “The Earth provides enough to satisfy the wants of each man, however not the greed of every man. The human thirst for power and profit is currently exacerbated by an uncontrolled increase in human population.

At this rate, however long can the treasures of the planet last? waste and smoke and also the unfold of toxicant substances from wind and water. the solution does not portend well for the longer term of humanity. Even diplomacy isn’t a supply of consolation.

There are areas of conflict between states where an endemic can increase into world war. Israeli-Arab tensions, the Falkland crisis in Anglo-Argentina and also the warfare have distorted their seeds which might cause a right away confrontation between Russian capital and Washington. each nation needs peace however is feverishly getting ready for war.

A look at their fantastic military disbursal is enough to convert one among the directions during which the states of the globe are moving. Military technology has taken the shape of an apocalyptic machine. Compared to weapons developed by the u. s. and the Union of Soviet Socialist Republics since 1945, the plutonium bomb born on urban center sounds like a toy.

Severally targeted nuclear warheads, intercontinental trajectory missiles (ICBMs) and multiple re-entry vehicles (MIRVs) reinforce the idea that within the not-too-distant future man can disappear from the face of the earth. The crisis that man has to face is truly global. It destroyed both his inner and outer life.

It has corrupted human institutions and distorted its relationship with the natural order. His moral and spiritual life is at an all-time low, and his bodily survival is now on the line. Unless he does something drastic and reasonable to stem a turnaround, his future is, in fact, bleak.

By Sajid Saleem

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