Human Basic Needs: Meet These 10 Basic Needs Relax, Be Happy
Human Basic needs

Human Basic needs address to well fare is concerned with outcomes. Basic Needs arose out of identification that economic approaches to development that concentrated on incomes and growth were problematic. Moreover, a narrow economic perception sees increasing incomes and faster growth as factor for improved well-being. However, it promoters argue that this depends,

Firstly, on whether income consumes on satisfying basic needs where there is deficiency. Also, on luxuries that may in the long run have a harmful impact on well-being.

Secondly, on how income and the positive welfare advantage of increased income are allocated between and within different social groups.

Well Being Out comes

A focal point on basic needs looks instead at well-being product, such as whether people are healthy, well nitrify and well educated. And how deficit in these well-being outcomes is distributing within society. They address focus on key indicators that see as objective evaluation of well-being such as longevity, infant survival, body mass index, educational achievement, and so on.

The idea of the human needs that must be self-satisfied for development to take place has been extremely influential in development thinking. Also, this approach to build up well-being is focusing on ‘ends’ as adverse to ‘means’. A treat with ends translates into a policy concern with making up the deficiency that the poor encounter with respect to their basic needs. It is agreeable with an approach at establishing safety nets. Moreover, They are for those who are most vulnerable with the objective of realizing a universal minimum standard of well-being outcomes.

Traditional List of Basic Needs

A common and traditional list of immediate “basic needs” is food (including water), shelter and clothing. Many modern lists high light the minimum level of consumption of “basic needs” of not just food, water, clothing and shelter, but also sanitation, education, and healthcare. Different organizations use different lists.

But the most important are:

1- Simple Housing

2. An adequate supply of pure drinking water

3. Smallest requirements of clothing

4. a balanced diet

5. The clean and beautiful environment

6. basic health care facility

7. communication facilities

8. energy/Power

9. total education related to life and living

10. cultural and devotional needs


If you do not have sound housing or protection—it would be very difficult to work in other areas of life. Without a foundation, we cannot go ahead to the high-level needs. If you are a student or somebody trying to make it in the functional world—guess what…a hard to focus on those higher-level tasks. when you are distracted by thoughts of searching safe and stable housing or the risks connected with that. It can then influence your performance, as well as mental, physical and spiritual health. Let me be clear, this is a huge headache.

If you do have housing and it is in poor state and/or you have little privacy, due to having to divide facilities such bathrooms and kitchen. So, you may feel like you can’t work properly in such an environment. This can also be a result of poor facilities — unsafe water, unsanitary bathrooms/toilets and poorly freshen rooms. Living in a hygienic and sanitary living environment has a great influence on the growth and development of a children, both cognitively and physically.

Poor housing, as an immediate environmental irritant, plays an essential role in the psychological well-being of children. Research has shown that poor health seems to be the underlying factor for students’ low presentation and/or even early school dropout. 

Drinking Water

Pure and Clean water

Water is a fundamental or basic need of human being. Each person on Earth requires at least 20 to 50 liters of clean, safe water a day for drinking and cooking. Also, they need water for simply keeping themselves clean. Polluted water isn’t just dirty—it’s deadly. Some 1.8 million people die every year of diarrheal diseases like cholera after drinking dirty and polluted water.

Most of us don’t imagine about the water we drink. We rotate on a tap, fill a glass, and drink. But how much water do you surely need to drink every day? Is the water you’re drinking safe or would bottled water be more secure? What can you do if your tap water become polluted? Read on to discover out how much you know about the drinking water in your own home.

Water can be polluted in several ways. It can contain bacteria and parasites that get in the water from human or animal fecal substance. It can contain chemicals from factory wastage or from spraying crops. Nitrates used in fertilizers can take up the water with run off from the land. Different minerals such as lead or mercury can enter the water supply. This is possible sometimes from natural deposits underground, or more often from improper disposal of pollutants. Lead can mix into drinking water through old iron pipes.

It is the responsibility of local Government or water providers to provide clean and clear water to the community.

Smallest requirements of clothing

Clothing is basic Human Need 

Clothing is a very common basic need which we all require to live. We use it to cover our body and protect it from paramount weather conditions. It is in use from the beginning of mankind. Man improves it day by day. Ages back say 4000 BC people used to shelter their body with the skin of animals. Wearing clothes satisfy three basic human needs; physical, emotional, and social. These needs are satisfied through protection, enhancement, identification, humility, and status.

We can describe modesty as the covering of a person’s body as stated by the code of decency of that person’s society. Society’s standards change within time and are based on the culture or condition of one. The example of modesty shown above is a long pass over. The length of the skirt shows she is modest because she is capping most of her body.

The styles and colors on the model really suit her and express her style. This shows modesty based on the time period and condition of the era, as well as meeting the social and spiritual need. Common skirt length options are either short or long, but continue to meet the code of dignity for the society.

A balanced Diet

No bread is hard when you are really hungry.

A balanced diet gives your body the nutrients it needs to work rightly. To get the nutrition you need, most of your daily calories comes from.

  • Fresh Fruits
  • fresh vegetables
  • Whole grains
  • Nuts

Calories are a count of energy that foods supply. The number of calories you need will base on your sex, age, and activity level. We have to eat balanced-diet to get calories of our body need.

Clean Environment

A clean environment is one that is empty of any form of pollution and its effects. Hence it could be the surroundings that has clean air, clean water, and clean energy. Basically, it is all right and safe environment.

Neat and Clean Environment

Commonly a clean environment is also considered as one that is neat. This is achieved by performing right housekeeping methods. Having someone clean, sweep, mop, and clear disarrange help in ensuring cleanliness.

Another health effect a clean habitat has is a lower stress level. Clutter in the homes and offices psychologically make you feel overburden. litter will also make it hard to locate things. These increases worry and reduces the time you spare actually working.

Health Care Facility

If you say you are working in a healthcare facility, most people understand of a hospital or clinic—but even a short look at the healthcare department will show there’s a lot of choices out there that might not be on the top-of-mind.

People seek correct, holistic and cost-effective care, the healthcare industry is opening new possibilities and expanding its reach. Specialized clinics and outpatient centers have appeared to help ease the people and reduce the burden on hospitals, and more long-term care provisions are rising up to accommodate patients.

Some people don’t think twice about these facilities free they need them. But healthcare is a hot career objective for many, and it’s good to know more about the facilities you may end up working in.

communication facilities

Successful communication can grow relations in personal life or office work life. In personal life, they can help us know better people and situations that occur on a daily basis.

So, their order framework begins with four basic communication need association, information, enjoyment, and shopping. How do newspapers fare in this environment?


Electricity is basic and important need for the human being. Without the power the people cannot live on this planet earth. They cannot conduct their deal without power. Each and every minute of their lives, they depend upon the electricity.

Energy is necessary to life and all living things. The sun, directly or indirectly, is the source of all the energy available on the planet Earth. Our energy choices and decisions impact Earth’s real systems in ways we may not be aware of, so it is necessary that we choose and use our energy sources carefully.


Education gives us awareness of the world around us and convert it into something better. It develops in us an approach of looking at life. It helps us build thinking and have points of view on things in life. Education makes us skillful of explaining things, among other things.

Those who get an education have giant incomes, have more chances in their lives, and move to be healthier. Societies with high rates of education completion have beneath crime, better overall health, and civic participation. Lack of access to education is supposed the root of poverty.

Cultural Needs

Cultural needs can be affected by a range of elements such as where the person lives, their gender and their language. They can include how soon the person would like their burial, whether they would like to be buried, and any celebrations or ceremonies that are important to them.Living in a community that loses aspects of your culture – such as identification, beliefs, or sexual orientation – can have negative influence on your wellbeing. Connecting with culture can have a positive influence on your sense of belonging and identification – and in turn, on your cerebral health and overall wellbeing.

By Sajid Saleem

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