kidney diseases

The kidney work like a water filter in our body. The water filter excretes things that are harmful to our body and our kidney do the same thing.

The kidneys filter the blood during which toxins and excess fluid are excreted from the body while balancing the levels of potassium, sodium and other components.

At the same time, the kidneys also make hormones that play an important role in relation to blood pressure to bone strengthening, in simple terms, the kidneys are very important

An estimate estimates that one in 10 individuals worldwide experience chronic kidney disorders that result in fluid and other materials starting to accumulate in the body.

Most people are affected by kidney diseases due to their own mistakes and a few common things or situations play a role in this regard.

These are seemingly very common and harmless habits or things, but they can be destructive for the kidneys

Too much protein

The best diet for health is not complete without protein, but its very high content is proven to be harmful to kidney function.

Excess salt also harmful

Excessive consumption of salt in the diet leads to an increase in blood pressure levels, as a result of which the kidneys are also damaged.

Excessive consumption of salt also increases the risk of kidney stones which are a very painful disease.


Smoking increases the severity of hypertension and type 2 diabetes, and both of which are important elements that increase the risk of kidney diseases.

At the same time, smoking slows down the speed of blood flow for the kidneys, which can lead to kidney problems.


The use of soda or soft drinks also turns out to be harmful to the kidneys. One study found that excessive consumption of soda and sweet drinks could increase the risk of being affected by chronic kidney diseases

Water is needed for the kidneys to do their functions correctly.

Not drinking adequate amounts of water damages the kidneys.

Not drinking adequate amounts of water stops the tiny filters inside the kidneys, which increases the risk of kidney stones and infections.


Unreasonable use of generic drugs
Too much use of drugs used to prevent physical discomfort causes kidney damage.

So these painkillers should be used in consultation with a doctor.

Excessive physical exertion

Exercising too much damages muscle tissues, allowing material to enter the blood that damages the kidneys.

So do not do any exercise abruptly too much, but gradually increase its duration and intensity.

Throat infection

The body of people with a throat infection Strep Throat makes antibodies to fight the disease

If the number of these antibodies increases too much, they increase the risk of renal edema.

Often kidney damage is temporary, but some individuals may experience permanent damage.


Alcohol, like other organs in the body, is harmful to the kidneys.

This increases the risk of chronic kidney diseases

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