Vegetables: Medical benefits of vegetables

These Vegetables are most Useful Vegetables that are useful in symptom, biological process and diseases. The use of these vegetables are helpful in rheumatic pains like inflammatory disease, paralysis, back pain, back pain.

1. Ginger

Ginger strengthens the kidneys and bladder one of the most useful vegetables

In case of cough in kids, ginger juice mixed with honey cures cough.

To make biological process choran, soak ginger and celery in water and soak it in ginger water then dry it at intervals the shade and mix it with salt to make powder.

2. Cabbage one of useful vegetables

  • ۔ It prevents the formation of secretion.
  • ۔ Its use as a dish is extraordinarily helpful for sterol.
  • ۔ Its use reduces avoirdupois.

3. Mint Pepper mint

  • It’s helpful to grind mint in vinegar and use it as a lotion to induce obviate facial blemishes.
  • Mint is employed to nourish the abdomen.
  • Removes odor from the body.
  • exploitation mint within the kind of stewing with figs simply removes impurities from the chest and lungs and is helpful in cough, bronchial asthma and hurting.
  • causes you too hungry
  • Mint is diuretic drug.
  • Mint is helpful in symptom.

4. Onion one of very useful vegetables

  • the foremost undefeated treatment for spleen inflammation is that the utilization of onions.
  • obtaining onion juice relieves itch and itch goes away.
  • The addition of honey in onion juice is alimental.
  • Onions square measure used as a tonic and stimulant.

5. Back White Pumpkin

  • helpful for vital sign and warmth.
  • The backbone is extraordinarily helpful for brain employees.
  • It nourishes the bones and brings sleep.
  • Pitha has AN elixir in relieving urinary irritation.

6. Sahanjana Moringa

  1. ۔ causes you too hungry
  2. ۔ helpful for joint pain and back pain.
  3. ۔ helpful just in case of inflammatory disease.

7. Actangu

  1. ۔ it’s costive.
  2. ۔ Heals hemorrhoids.
  3. ۔ Soothes the warmth.
  4. ۔ the house is heat and motherly.

8. Tomato one of very useful vegetables

  1. ۔ Tomatoes cleanse the blood.
  2. ۔ Relieves waterlessness of the body.
  3. ۔ Eliminates delusions and horrors.
  4. ۔ provides pleasure to nature.
  5. ۔ Its juice is incredibly helpful for youngsters.
  6. ۔ Patients with urinary organ stones mustn’t use tomatoes.

9 Beet Root

  1. ۔ Strengthens the nerves and strengthens the body.
  2. ۔ If there’s scurvy within the scalp, its leaves are often poached and washed away.
  3. ۔ If its leaves square measure rubbed with henna, then the hair of the pinnacle becomes soft and swish, falling hair stops.
  4. ۔ The substance thickens the copy.
  5. ۔ Beetroot is incredibly helpful in joint pain.

10 Coriander

  1. ۔ Stops thirst and quenches vomit, strengthens abdomen, removes gall from abdomen.
  2. ۔ provides coolness and strength to heart and mind.
  3. ۔ For evaporating abdomen, build 5 tolas of almonds, 5 tolas of fennel and 2 and a 0.5 tolas of coriander with a sprig of desi tola sugar.
  4. ۔ Cold, flu, headache, headache. just in case of symptom, use of Atrial Katheer is helpful.

11. Turnip

  1. ۔ Strengthens the body, removes the weakness of the body.
  2. ۔ extraordinarily helpful in dry cough.
  3. ۔ Turnips square measure extraordinarily helpful in weak liver, gout, and weakened secretion membranes.

12 Bitter gourds

  1. ۔ usually |this can be} often the kidnapped abdomen and so the killer worm belly.
  2. ۔ Bitter gourd could also be a drag of gall and secretion.
  3. ۔ provides nervous strength.
  4. ۔ helpful for diabetics.

13 Carrot

  1. ۔ uptake raw carrots will increase seeing.
  2. ۔ Carrots are thought of AN alternate to apples.
  3. ۔ Carrots square measure helpful in heart diseases.
  4. ۔ Carrots square measure fun and alimental organs.

14. Garlic

  1. ۔ It digests food quickly.
  2. ۔ Releases water and menses.
  3. ۔ Pomegranate seeds, mint, ginger and aioli sauce have several physical advantages.
  4. ۔ Its use in high sign is extraordinarily helpful.

15 Red Pepper

1. Pepper causes you to hungry and expels the odor from the body.

2. Pepper is that the greatest counterpoison to epidemic diseases.

3. Pepper is incredibly helpful for individuals affected by phlegm diseases and digests food.

4. It opens the obstruction of menses and micturition.

16. Radish

  1. ۔ uptake radish with salt improves the liver.
  2. ۔ Regular use of radish removes urinary organ and bladder stones from the body forever.
  3. ۔ simply just in case of jaundice, the illness is cured by extracting the juice of radish leaves and mixture it with sugar.
  4. ۔ Its use is helpful in gum diseases, pyorrhea and numerous dental diseases.

17. Fenugreek

  1. ۔ the employment of fenugreek strengthens the nerves.
  2. ۔ Adding honey to fenugreek leaves is extraordinarily useful in bronchial asthma.
  3. ۔ Grinding fenugreek seeds and applying it on the face brightens the complexion.
  4. ۔ Rubbing fenugreek seeds and laundry the scalp double per week with this water lengthens the hair and makes it fall off utterly.

18. Celery native

  1. ۔ Celery digests native food and will increase craving.
  2. ۔ Kasar may be a breath, removes secretion and bloating.
  3. ۔ urinary organ breaks down bladder stones.
  4. ۔ Celery water is incredibly helpful in infectious disease.
  5. ۔ the employment of celery khorasani is extraordinarily useful in bronchial asthma patients.
  6. ۔ helpful altogether kinds of colds.
  7. ۔ uptake a few of celery mixed with honey is helpful in chronic headaches, neuralgy and gouty arthritis.

19 alimentary pastes

  1. ۔ enteral ulcers, convulsions
  2. Extremely helpful just in case of incidence.
  3. ۔ it’s helpful to place a containerful of wood in it and feed it.
  4. ۔ It relieves constipation, causes lubrication within the intestines. employing a towel in a very glass of milk in the dead of night whereas sleeping is additionally helpful in chronic constipation.

20 Eat cardamom

  1. ۔ Strengthens the abdomen, dries the wet of the abdomen.
  2. ۔ Relieves vomiting, nausea and bad breath.
  3. ۔ Extremely useful in various intestinal diseases.

21. Cardamom

  1. ۔ Increases appetite.
  2. ۔ Strengthens the stomach.
  3. ۔ Used in hot spices.
  4. ۔ The heart is happy.

22 tamarinds

  1. ۔ Strengthens the heart and stomach.
  2. ۔ In case of liver disease and jaundice, it is very useful to drink two towels of tamarind, seven handfuls of bronze seeds, two handfuls of Niloferdo towel and Makubhagu.
  3. ۔ Drinking tamarind water is helpful in gonorrhea.

23. Pomegranate seeds

  1. ۔ Pomegranate seeds are digestible.
  2. ۔ I feel hungry.
  3. ۔ It is good for the stomach.
  4. ۔ Pomegranate seeds are an important ingredient in making mint sauce.
  5. ۔ In case of stomach ache, rubbing pomegranate seeds in water and mixing salt and pepper as required, the pain goes away immediately.

24. Egg

  1. ۔ The egg produces blood.
  2. . Yen is the best food for weak patients.
  3. . Eggs are an excellent source of protein.

 25 Sharp leaf

  1. ۔ Dissolves air.
  2. ۔ Improves the stomach.
  3. ۔ Fun is the mind and heart.
  4. ۔ If two leaves of bay leaf are put in the pot to digest the meat, then the meat melts and the curry tastes good.

 26. cinnamon

  1. ۔ Fragrant and antiseptic.
  2. ۔ In cough and asthma, it is beneficial to mix cinnamon with honey in equal weight and lick it.
  3. ۔ In case of cold and flu, it is useful to use water with cinnamon powder in the morning and evening.

27 Yogurt

  1. ۔ Yogurt relieves stomach heat.
  2. ۔ Useful for mouth ulcers.
  3. ۔ Yogurt quenches thirst.
  4. ۔ Inflammation of the stomach and intestines goes away with its use.

28. Saffron

  1. ۔ Strengthens the senses and heart and mind.
  2. ۔ Improves the liver.
  3. ۔ Brightens the complexion.

29 Olive

  1. ۔ Olives are constipating.
  2. ۔ Breaks the stone, releases urine.
  3. ۔ Regular use of olive oil is the cause of ulcers.

30 White cumin

  1. ۔ Rubbing white cumin in lemon juice helps to get rid of nausea immediately.
  2. ۔ Dissolves odor and inflammation.
  3. ۔ Strengthens the intestines.

31. Black cumin

  1. ۔ The use of black cumin brightens the complexion.
  2. ۔ Releases urine and menstruation.
  3. ۔ Removes mucus.
  4. ۔ Dissolves odors and worms.


  1. ۔ The best food for diarrhea, dysentery and fever.
  2. ۔ Makes the body fat.
  3. ۔ The body gains strength.
  4. ۔ Dissolves odors and worms.

33. Vinegar

  1. ۔ Strengthens the brain.
  2. ۔ Digests food and satisfies hunger.
  3. ۔ Jasmine vinegar is extremely useful in diseases of the spleen.
  4. ۔ Kills stomach worms.
  5. ۔ Its use is extremely useful in flatulence.
  6. ۔ Vinegar is a diuretic and blood purifier.


  1. ۔ Fennel is a digestive and astringent.
  2. ۔ Releases urine and menstruation.
  3. ۔ Abducted stomach.
  4. ۔ Removes mucus.
  5. ۔ Removes wind.
  6. ۔ For every type of headache, grind ten tolas of fennel and ten tolas of Egyptian finely grind it to make a powder.
  7. ۔ Fennel and Egyptian almonds along with milk at night are useful for eyesight and brain power.

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