Medical imaging: CT Scan, Uses, Advantages and disadvantages

Medical Imaging is the use of imaging techniques and processes to get pictures of internal side of human body. Medical Imaging can help in making diagnosis and treatment of patients. It can be used to track any ongoing issues.

CT Scan

What is a CT Scanner?

A CT Scan scan in medical imaging can create a detailed picture of the inside of the body using x-rays and computer systems. CT Scan is different from an x-ray because it produce a cross-sectional image of the body, similar to an MRI. CT scan

What do they produce images of?

CT Scan use to visualize bones, internal organs and blood vessels. Upper body CT Scan, such as the brain, neck, spine, chest and sinuses are most commonly scan with CT machine.

What are some common uses?

  • CT scan is frequently uses in diagnosis, for example to find tumors, or to see broken bones.
  • To find more detail after another scan, such as an x-ray imaging. 
  • As regular scans we can see any developing conditions, e.g., cancer.
  • An important use of CT scanners is Monitoring. 

How does it work?

  • The patient lies on their back on a CT examination table.
  • This table passes into the scanner, which rotates around the section of your body in the scanner.
  • The patient needs to stay still during all the procedure with this we can get a clear image.  
  • In another room the radiologist who is operating the machine is stand to avoid the radiation, but can communicate with the patient with the help of a mike.
  • The scan can take from 10 to 20 minutes, but results are available as a computer perform analysis of the scans.

What are advantages and disadvantages?




  • CT scans, we can perform in short time – they only take about 10 – 20 minutes.
  • The results are extremely fast as compared to some other types of scans.
  • CT scans are pain-free.
  • CT scans are non-invasive.


  • In CT scans body is exposed to some radiation.
  • The more time the patient’s body is scanned, the more radiation they are exposed to.
  • However, CT scans are designed to minimize radiation exposure.
  • There is the possibility of an allergic reaction to the contrast used.

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