Pollution is addition of any constituents to air, water or land. These constituents alter the natural quality of environment. Pollution is the introduction of harmful materials into the environment. These harmful materials are called pollutants.

1. It means destroying the purity of something. So, It poses a serious threat to humanity.

2. It is a part of broader field of Ecology. Man has not recognized his true relationship with nature.

3. Western society also, has a variety of pollutions water and air.

Third world:

4. Third world countries are giving due importance to the problem of pollution. So, the People of Pakistan threatened by chemical discharges, water impurity and noise.

5. Formulation of a new morality a revaluation of our industrial values and ecological balance can save mankind.

The word Pollute:

The word “pollute” means to destroy the purity. It also, has acquired proportions of a grave problem by destroying the purity of the air. The impurity of seas and the land also, threatens the survival of living species. The problem of pollution is a part of a wider context.

Hence, It is closely linked with the inter-relationship of living things in their physical environment.  Man’s rapacity has upset the balance of nature. Also, uncontrolled growth of technology. Moreover, passion for industrial production is a reason for air pollution.

Pollution is the outcome of reckless science and violent technology. The toxic substances being spread by wind, also, by water movement and animals on the earth.

It is infecting the food chain which passes from plants to animals to man. Atmospheric pollution is a result of emissions of carbon monoxide, Sulphur oxides, and hydrocarbons. It also, lead to increasing pressure for restrictions on the burning of fuels. So, thermal pollution is leading to weather irregularities.

With the widespread use of technology and industrial system. It has begun to manifest themselves in the countries of the Third World as well. So, in this  way the whole world is now in a process of westernization. The difference is only that of degree.

The word “pollution” paying more attention to its causes and consequences. If it is not checked, the solid and liquid wastes will go to the rivers. Who knows what strange disease a tumbler of water may hold for a man.

No wonder these problems have assumed critical proportions. It is a happy moment that the world has taken cognizance to tackle it. Also, the present predicament of mankind is desperate and dangerous.

There are three major types of pollutions ,Water ,Noise and Air

Air pollution

it is a problem particularly for the people living in large cities. it is also a problem for those peoples that live in that cities there are many industries. It effects both plant and animal life directly or indirectly.

Water pollution

Water pollution is caused by many kinds of domestic and industrial wastes. Industrial waste goes to the pounds, lakes and rivers. It also cause the diseases such as cholera typhoid and other diseases to the population which uses the water.

Noise pollution

Noise pollution is becoming an ever-increasing problem in this age of mechanical interventions. Its major sources are workshops automobiles, jet, aero planes noise pollution also effects on our physical and mental health.

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