Parenting skills: Role of parents in early childhood learning
role of parentsrole of parents

The role of parents is as at six o’clock in the morning, all the school going children from two to three years old woke up in a hurry. It is not customary to wake them up for Fajr prayers. There is no indoctrination. Nor do the parents themselves greet the child by picking him up.

The role of parents is not only that they are sent to school in a hurry by having breakfast prepared or having a lunch box prepared without breakfast. The child comes home at one or two o’clock. After changing the uniform, they feed while running and then send to recite Qur’an. From there, on their return, the child is pushed towards the tuition center. Come home at seven or eight o’clock in the night so that there is peace in the house. Nor should it bother parents on holidays

Therefore, whether the child watches TV or whatever he does on his mobile, the parents need peace and quiet at home. At the same time, the parents are busy on WhatsApp, Facebook or various social networks. This is the situation with children.

There are seven to ten people in a house, everyone has a mobile, everyone is busy on social networks, even though they are sitting together, all the people are unaware of each other. No one asks or knows about anyone. Expressing feelings from Facebook to WhatsApp by posting statuses.

These people, who are constantly changing DPs and receiving accolades in their comments, are not fulfilling their responsibilities as parents or as human beings. And these people who get different medicine in the form of stickers do not really express their pain to anyone nor do they tell their problems to anyone.

Therefore, apathy is on the rise. Emotions are dead. WhatsApp Umayyads Facebook Abu Instagram Children are the apathetic creatures of the present age.

In this whole situation, the role of parents is only to wake up in the morning, give bread, send them to school, send them to madrassas, send tuition and get them married when they start working in the future.

Both parents have no time to listen to their children and solve their problems. Therefore, parents and children are moving away from each other. Children now hide things from their parents. To solve their own problems. Often take the wrong path in trying.

Today, boys and girls in their own homes also sexually abuse by their cousins, uncles or aunts. The case of Iqbal’s brother who was sexually assaulting his nieces at home came to light. Parents do not pay attention when a child complains about any issue of school, college, madrassa, academy. That is why most of them are either sexually abused or physically abused by the teachers.

The beasts intoxicate our innocent children. They are being misled and sexually abused and the mother is busy with the children’s food, clothing, education and the father is earning money for these needs. And the children for whom the parents are working day and night. They are losing life and honor in the cycle of time. What a wonderful way to screw people over

There was no smoke or light

Life burns with great silence

Lack of time and lack of friendly relationship with children is the only problem that children feel hesitant and afraid of parents and if they tell parents about it then parents do not pay attention. Never give complete freedom to children. Parents’ fear should also remain.

But only as much as is necessary. Unwarranted fear and anger are the reason for children to stay away from their parents nowadays. Parents need to sit down and talk to each other. Children’s education. There is a need for planning on training. If the father is in a bad mood, then the mother should try to be a friend of the children.

And if the mother is hard then the father needs to be close to the children. Parents should ask their children what they say as soon as they come from school, madrassa, tuition, bring their heart to their tongues and even if they are ever wrong, explain it well so that children can tell everything without fear for the future. No matter how busy the father is, he should give time to the children at night. Educational activities from them. Not going in that direction.

Parents will not gossip with their children and will not establish friendly relations with them. They will consider children as a toy that brings only good grades. They will not listen to their problems, they will not solve them, they will not encourage their success, they will not give them love for their failures, then children will start to be separated from their parents, they will look for alternative ways for love. Whether it is intoxication or lust after falling in love with a stranger

Akhtar Imam Rizvi has said very well that

We also ate wounds with great simplicity

A handful of dust, a river of fire, a wave of blood

What are the traditions here with the man?

What did your desires do?

Crying, hugging every stranger

children need their friendship, love and affection more than their parents’ money and things that their parents are not giving them. We all need to reform ourselves before blaming society. Parents need to not only keep an eye on every issue of children but also provide a friendly environment so that they can solve problems in a better way.

Educating children to be aware of the ups and downs of the world and to adapt to its effects is an essential component of instilling self-confidence in children which is the best support for the old age of parents and also the guarantor of development of the country and nation. ۔

By Sajid Saleem

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