The Chemistry of Anger: What emotion is behind anger?
how to deal with angerhow to deal with anger

Anyone who is familiar with the chemistry of anger can manage their anger very easily. “I requested, ‘What’s the chemistry of anger? He smiled and said, “We have 16 chemical compounds interior people. These chemical compounds form our feelings. Our feelings decide our moods and those moods form our personality. The period of the emotion is 12 mins.

“I requested to be the familiar with the chemistry of anger ‘For example …?

They say, “For example, anger is an emotion. This emotion is as a result of a chemical response. For example, our frame turned into now no longer generating insulin or turned into having much less than it needed. We ate an excessive amount of salt.

We failed to get sufficient sleep or left domestic on an empty stomach. What could be the result? There could be a chemical response in chemistry of anger in us. This response will growth our blood stress and this blood stress will create a sense of anger interior. It will then produce a chemical so as to allay the anger, so we can be chilled withinside the subsequent 15 mins.

We can be stored from the ravages of anger. I requested, “Is this prescription confined to anger alone?” He smiled and said, “No, we’ve six simple feelings. Anger, fear, hate, surprise, satisfaction and unhappiness. All of those feelings are best twelve years old.

There are mins, we’re best afraid 12 mins, we best chortle 12 mins, we’re best sad 12 mins, we best hate 12 mins, we’re indignant for 12 mins and we’re surprised. Domination Only Lasts 12 Minutes. Twelve mins later our body normalizes every of the feelings.

“I begged” however I see maximum humans all day lengthy in an international of anger, unhappiness, hatred and fear ” it is now no longer everyday all day.” He smiled. He said, “Look at those feelings like hearthplace.

There is a hearthplace in the front of you. If you hold pouring a touch oil in this hearthplace, what in case you hold setting dry wooden on it? This hearthplace will spread, it’s going to keep to burn. Most people have a comfortable mindset on the subject of portray a photograph of a person.

If I do not take it too, this ardor turns into our lengthy temper and this temper turns into our personality, our personality, then humans could begin to name us Ghazel Khan, Allah Dutta Adas, Malik Khufzada, Hafrat Shah, Mian Qahaqa Sahib and Hair Shah.

Have you ever questioned why so a lot of us have a glance of surprise, laughter, hate, fear, unhappiness or maybe anger on our faces all of the time? The motive is obvious. The emotion hit her face for twelve mins however failed to permit it come again and in order that emotion is surprise, laughter, hate, fear, unhappiness or anger is her personality.

It could be written on her face forever. If those humans were a hit for twelve mins, they could have escaped the scourge of a lifetime. They could now no longer emerge as slaves to any emotion. “I requested” and “Isn’t love an ardor? If you do not place new wooden in his furnace, it’ll be over in 12 mins. Twelve mins of lust will by skip and we can escape sin, guilt and now no longer being capable of and so we can be stoned, killed, imprisoned and humiliated.

We are all prisoners of twelve mins. us nowhere. I requested him, “How do you manipulate those twelve mins? He smiled and said, “I simply showed you.” I signed your record and dispatched it again however they failed to be given it.

They additionally accused me of mendacity and making fake statements and additionally insulted my mom and sister. This state of affairs will best be closing me 12 mins, so I stood up in silence. He achieved ablution and commenced to pray. I spent 20 mins in this action. During the ones 20 mins my anger subsided and he too got here to the truth and anxiety.

If I hadn’t prayed, I could have replied him. It could be sour rhetoric, humans could cease their jobs and get together, there could be a handshake among us. we have been each silly outside. We chased the canine all day without checking our ears. So, I sat down with inside the prayer place and spent twelve mins and so on. Day and Honor Saved “I requested,” Do you pray angrily each time? “I do not talk at the same time as I chortle and chortle and chortle and begin something else.

I will stroll round with inside the assault of fear, anger, unhappiness and satisfaction. I take a bath; I do ablution I close up for a minute I name my mom or my children. I smooth my room, I smooth the office, I open the bag, I take a seat down. I near my ears and my eyes.

I visit mattress or I stand up and I pray.,

the hurricane subsides, my thoughts stops and I am capable of make a decision.” They are silent. He paused, notion for a moment, and said, ‘If heaven-earth bursts, I may not open my mouth. I stay silent, and you may relaxation confident that irrespective of how small the tsunami is, it can’t face my silence. He withdraws anyway.

By Sajid Saleem

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